Marcello Sammarone, M. D.
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  • Triple Board Certified 
  • 20+ Years of Clinical Experience
  • Fellowship Trained Pain Management Specialist

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Marcello Sammarone, M. D.
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Dear patients, 
I feel very honored, fortunate and privileged to be receiving such touching and inspiring words of appreciation...
You encourage and push me to keep going in this (at times) "challenging" field of medicine!
Thank you so much and....God bless you all,  
Marcello Sammarone, MD

 "Dr. Sammarone,
I just wanted to thank you for helping me . You are the first person to not give up and I am happy to say that my quality of life is greatly improved because of you! Your staff is also wonderful, I know they had to go through a lot with my insurance. I hope to be as kind, compassionate, and determined a physician as you! I am moving to Philadelphia and starting residency at Drexel!"

                                                                Thanks again for everything,
Erica G.

(Received June 6th, 2016)

"I just wanted to express my gratitude for how much you've helped me and genuinely improved my quality of life! You have a great practice and truly care about your patients. Thank you for everything you've done. This has been a great experience for me and my family!"

"I just wanted to express my gratitude for how much you've helped me and genuinely improved my quality of life! You have great patience and truly care about your patients. Thank you for everything you've done. This has been a great experience for me and my family!"

"Thank you for all you have and continue to do for me. I couldn't
be more grateful to have such a wonderful, patient, and kind doctor,
and to know such a kind and generous person like Karen! Wishing
you a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Year!"

"Dr. Sammarone, 

Thank you for your expertise, kindness, and understanding while under your care. You are an impressive physician whose concern and  dedication is in treating the whole patient. Continue success in your endeavors to treat and heal those of us who suffer"


"Dear Dr. Sammarone, 

I wanted to thank you for all the time you took in helping me with my multiple issues. I am finally able to enjoy life again... Thanks to you I
can be the husband and father I used to be before my accident... Bless
you always."

"After 2 injections, my neck pain and arm pain are gone"

I have a disc herniation in my neck and I was told to have surgery by other doctors. I wanted to avoid surgery at all costs and I was looking for an alternative. A friend recommended I see Dr. Sammarone. He suggested epidural injections in my neck and after only 2 shots I now feel a different person. He was very gentle with the injections, I did not feel any pain. I do not take pain killers anymore since my pain is minimal and allows me to work and spend time with my family. I recommend him highly to anyone. Thanks so much Dr. Sammarone, you gave my life back, you are phenomenal
-Fran B.

"Dr. Sammarone, 

Thank you so much for the outstanding care you have given my husband over the past year. Your kindness and sympathetic understanding of your patients' needs is extraordinary! Your kindness and passion for you craft is to be commend ell."

"I am truly thankful for this opportunity to tell why I love my doctor.
I have always thank God for him, but now I have the chance to let
others know why Dr. Marcello Sammarone is so special....he always regarded me as a whole person, not just another patient with pain.
I knew he had numerous patients, but he always made me feel

"Dr. Sammarone, 

I would like to thank you for all of the incredible, superior treatments you have performed and done on me, that without your service I would continue to be in very, very bad pain. You have given me a greater outlook on life and a reminder that if I did not have you as my pain management doctor, I may not be in such great shape that I am in."

"Dear Dr. Sammarone, 

I want to thank you for giving me back my life!
I was able to enjoy my daughter and son in law's wedding! And now can't wait to do al the things
I used to do! Pain Free."

"Dr. Sammarone

For years I've suffered with pain in my lower back and neck. I can't explain how grateful I am for your help with this problems. So thank you."

"Dr. Sammarone,

Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for your help, caring,
and personal attention. My neck and back pain are greatly improved;
and I wanted to be sure to thank you for that."

"Thank you for helping with my lower back pain over the past year. You have greatly improved my quality of life. I am able to resume many of my normal daily activities."

"Dear Dr. Sammarone,

As the mom of one of your recent patients, I just wanted to thank
you for sustaining her and caring for her during her long spinal
surgery. We were so anxious, and I appreciated your cheerful
manner with her prior to the surgery. Thank you for doing such
a good job."

"Thank you so much for being there for me and taking such good care of me. You are a life saver."

"I want to thank you for changing my life. I am a patient with
very complicated orthopedic issues of my entire back and
used to suffer from severe debilitating pain. Since I have received treatments from you, my quality of life has greatly improved.
In the past two years I have received trigger point, epidural,
and facet injections. The best course of treatment was always
decided by a thorough exam and evaluation which I believe has contributed to so many successful procedures. I appreciate how professional, knowledgable, and compassionate you, your office,
and facility staff re to me. I am always treated with the best care."


"It has been one year since my last nerve block and I have you to thank for this wonderful accomplishment! I never thought I would be block free for this long. I thank you for your expertise, but more importantly for sensitivity and concern for my welfare. You made all 15 blocks bearable!"

"Outstanding physician"
Dr. Sammarone is an outstanding physician. He takes time to explain the exact nature and extent of treatment. I like his caring and personal approach and I highly recommend him to anyone.

-Tom K.

Dr. Sammarone was part of the "I Made A Difference" program in 2002 at Saint Barnabas Health Care System 

"Qualified, caring and compassionate doctor" 

My husband and I have been treated by Dr. Sammarone who is a very qualified, caring and compassionate doctor. He always took his time to listen to our complaints to determine the best plan of action to help us.
He has been successful with a set of injections to significantly reduce my pain from my herniated discs and arthritis where all the other doctors in the past haven't and my husband's pain from his work-related back and shoulder injury. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends (and I did already) or family members to be treated by Dr. Sammarone

-John T.

"Dr. Marcello Sammarone is an outstanding
physician- skilled, professional with above
average bed side manner."

"I don't take pain killers anymore"

Hi Karen, please give this letter to Dr. Sammarone.

Both of you have been wonderful to me. My deepest gratitude goes to Dr. Sammarone. I have a very complicate medical history and suffering from pain for several years. I underwent 2 spine surgeries without any improvement of my pain. I was recommended dr Sammarone from a friend who spoke very highly of him. Well he was right.He placed a spinal stimulator in my lower back and I have been doing great for over a year now. What's also remarkable also is that I don't take pain killers anymore, therefore I don't feel drowsy and sleepy and I'm able to think clearly now. The procedure was painless. Dr. Sammarone was very gentle. 
My family and I owe so much to dr Sammarone, since now we live a normal life, doing things together like playing with our kids, walk my dog, cooking and take care of the household. Strong work Dr. Sammarone!

-James W.

"My husband and I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful and expert care you gave to me. Although it was shocking and disappointing to have metastatic colon cancer, we are profoundly grateful to you for minimizing my suffering. It was so comforting to be pain free after the operation... You are an outstanding anesthesiologist and compassionate human being."

" I can enjoy my profession without having to dwell on the pain"

"....thank you for all you've done for me. I have suffered with neck pain for so long that I actually forgot what it means to be pain-free. Thanks to you I can enjoy my profession without having to dwell on the pain. You and your staff are amazing"

"Dear Dr. Sammarone
... Thank you for for such good care in the OR with Dr. Asaadi.
It was nice to have you take care of me"

"Thank you for all you've done for me. I have suffered with neck pain so long that I actually forgot how it feels to be painful. Thanks to you I can enjoy my profession without having to dwell on the pain. You and your staff are amazing."

"You are my hero, Dr. Sammarone"

My RSD is gone thanks to Dr.Sammarone.  Dr. Sammarone is a caring and compassionate doctor who never gave up on me. I have RSD which is a very complex and difficult condition to diagnose and require a very skilled doctor to treat it with special injections. Dr Sammarone performed a series of injections which totally reversed my debilitating pain in my leg and swelling. I was on high doses of narcotics and other nerve type of medications which were not helping  but with dr. Sammarone's blocks i am cured now. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me and my family. I now am back to live a normal life, work to support my family and enjoy every single moment of my life.
Thank you so much dr. Sammarone, you are my hero!

Nancy T.

Dr. Sammarone was also part of the "I Made A Difference"
program from 1999-2007 at Saint Barnabas Health Care System

"Dr.Sammarone is the reason my life is pain-free"

I had been suffering from low back pain since a fall at work. Dr S. had performed a procedure called radio-frequency ablation in my lower back and now after 8 months I am still pain free.
He first did a regular injection and then the ablation. He is a very competent and thorough doctor who really listen to your complaints and takes his time to really explain the injection. The injections were pain free and his staff very competent, professional and attentive to my needs. Dr. Sammarone is the reason my life is pain-free. He is a very compassionate human being and he deserves all the success he gets

-Theresa B

"I feel very lucky and fortunate to have found him!" 

I recommend him to anyone, I feel very lucky and fortunate to have found him!
Don't look any further if you look for the best.
Thanks again Dr. Sammarone!

-Janet M.

"Mi sento ancora un giovanotto!"  

Caro dottor Sammarone,

le scrivo questa lettera per ringraziarla tantissimo del grande aiuto che mi ha dato con le iniezioni per il mal di schiena.  I dolori di schiena e della gamba sono migliorati tantissimo e adesso posso camminare senza usare
piu' il bastone.  Non prendo piu' le pillole per il dolore che mi facevano sentire cosi' stanco e confuso. Sono passati 4 mesi e mi sento ancora un giovanotto!  E' un onore che ci sia ancora un dottore italiano cosi' bravo nella nostra comunita'

Grazie tante,
-Antonio S.

"I am back to work full time and I am still feeling great"

I am a construction worker and after I got injured in my back I was forced to go on disability. I went to Dr. Sammarone and he told me that he could help me. He said if he couldn’t help me, he would be honest and send me to a surgeon. We tried one procedure which helped, but did not take all my pain away except for the first few days. Dr. Sammarone then performed a lumbar radio-frequency procedure in my lower back, which means burning of the little painful nerve endings on my back. The pain was gone after the recovery period and I am back to working full time and... I am still feel great!
Thanks to Dr. Sammarone

  -Michael R.

"Highest qualified and credentialed doctor around"

I have known Dr. Sammarone since he was on staff at Saint Barnabas in Livingston, NJ for over 15 years. I have had 2 back spinal fusions, and he did injections and took a great care of my back and leg problems until he left to start his own pain practice in a different area. I was recommended other doctors but I did not get any better. Then I found him on the web and sure enough, after his epidurals I got great relief!
I am glad I found him again....Dr. Sammarone, you are the best and congrats on being voted again for the third time NJ TOP DOCTOR! you surely deserve that title


"Very compassionate and competent human being"
Dear Dr. Sammarone,

I wanted to write a note to you, just to tell you how special you are.  I truly believe that I feel very fortunate to have found you.  I totally trust you with your skills ad knowledge, but also I feel I am in the hands of a very compassionate and competent human being.  I sincerely appreciate your kind bedside manners.  Keep up the good work, Dr.Sammarone.

Truly yours
-Mary T

".....Dr. Sammarone from Anesthesia is a fine gentleman and a superb clinician"
J.M. Ciccone, MD  Co-Director Cardiac Catheterization Lab
Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston NJ 
Nov 6, 2001

"Thank you for all the time  you took in helping me"
"Thank you for all the time you took in helping me with my multiple issues. I am finally able to enjoy life again....thanks to you I can be the husband and the father I used to be before my accident....
Bless you always."

"Your kindness and sympathetic understanding of your patient's needs is extraordinary!"

"Thank you for the incredible superior treatments you have performed without which I would continue to be in very very bad pain....excellent skills, bedside manners and just being the greatest in what you do"
-Charlene B, December 2013

"Thank you for giving me my life back...enjoy my all the things I want to do...pain free"
October 2013

"Thank you for changing my life"
May, 2013

"Their warmth and professionalism shone brightly. Dr Sammarone from Anesthesia is a fine gentleman and superb clinician."

"I feel like I’m 18 again!"

I am a 78 year old man with no medical issues until 3 months ago when I developed a debilitating back and leg pain.  My family doctor recommended Dr.Sammarone and when I went to see him, I was hurting so bad in my back that I had to use a cane.  After Dr.Sammarone did 3 injections I felt like I was 18 again!  Thanks Dr.Sammarone and your wonderful staff.  You guys are great and I sure will recommend you to anyone I know.

  -William J

Congratulations Dr.Sammarone to be voted “NJ TOP DOCTOR”
You surely deserve that!  I am a patient that was suffering from severe neck pains since my car accident.  Dr.Sammarone made a big difference in my life.  After performing a procedure in my neck 8 months ago which was painless, I am now still doing well, my pain is minimal and occasional, now I have full range of motion in my neck, I can function normally on my daily activities which include taking care of my children and a full time job!  I recommend Dr. Sammarone highly if you suffer from any kind of pain.

-Donna W.


Dr. Sammarone was voted NJ "Top Doctors" in 2009


Good for you!  Well-deserved Dr.Sammarone!  I’m not surprised at all that your peers voted for you “Top Doctor.”  You certainly are a top doctor to me for the tremendous good work you did for my mother.  She raves about you still now.  Thanks again for all you’ve done, your patience, understanding and compassion.  
Expect more referrals coming your way from us, congrats again.

  -John and Maria S.

"Thank you for helping me with my spinal headaches. You were so patient and kind throughout the entire blood patch procedure. You're wonderful!"

"I highly recommend him"

Dr.Sammarone has been successful in relieving and managing my back pain.  He did three injections that were totally painless and his staff was very professional, accommodating and friendly.  I would send any of my family members and friends to him.  I highly recommend him.

  -Frank M

"Dear Dr. Sammarone, 

Never have met a doctor so kind and so sweet that when he isn't even my really my doctor he shows more genuine concern than just about any doctor I have met in my life to date, I cannot express how pleasantly surprised and warmed I felt to see your gentile familiar face at the big hospital. The fact that you took time out of your unbelievably busy day to check upon me on several occasions means more to me than you could ever imagine. I thank you for being that kind and gentle person who helped make my time in the hospital a lot less scary. Just knowing that you were on the premises looking out for me, I knew that nothing could go wrong, and it feels good knowing that there are still some good people out there!"

"You were calming and compassionate. I was grateful for your
caring manner. I sincerely thank you- and again, I deeply
appreciate you kind assurances on that day."

"Dear Dr. Sammarone,

I'm not sure if you will remember me or not, but I had surgery on Dec. 11th and you were at the Peer Group that day. I want to thank you for a job well done."

"Thank you so much for making it possible to get up
without having pain and to be able to do things. So far
I'm doing great."

  "Dear Dr. Sammarone,

Just sending a little thank you from my father to say what a wonderful care you gave him during his ERCP. You made him feel extremely comfortable during his procedure"

"I am a person who avoids the doctor at all costs. Due to severe
disabling back pain I sought out Dr. Sammarone at St. Barnabas Pain
Center. He was very patient despite my fears and anxiety and somehow
was able to put me at ease. After just 2 visits I was pain free and able to
walk without pain again. Through many years of back pain he is the
doctors who I felt the most comfortable with. His compassion and
thorough explanation is unique to most doctors"

"Dr. Sammarone is wonderful. He explains everything he is doing, step by step, before he does it.

"Thank you for all you have and continue to do for us. I couldn't be
more grateful to have such a wonderful, perfect, and kind doctor."

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